6 ottobre 2008

The dawn of the night

Oh, and you still remember the times when darkness descended on the dreaming prairie, slowly, while you were walking throught that, beetween hearts and stones, like a fabulous hummingbird in flowers-full heaven.
What a strange sensation. Yeah, you thought night was a never-ending alchemy. You felt strange.
The little Marble Arch giant watched you under the lamps and Hyde park seemed to be a great big kingdom under the ink sky. Buses, dark taxi, squirrels asleep somewhere..You kept crossing streets with eyes to yourself.

"Ah, look at those shadows.. they move on tracks of never-ending light.." (out-of-sight voice)

And then we have reached our rest behind the stars. With tired eyes, tired minds, tired souls, we slept.

Today's Song: This Will Destroy You - They Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light

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